Success Stories

These businesses started at Square One Kitchens and became Fargo-famous! Check out these inspiring stories, then contact us today to start yours!

Power Plate Meals

Seth and Haylee swung into Square One in the fall of 2015 to get their business, Power Plate Meals, underway.  Immediately after meeting them I knew these two were not only onto something big, but had the mustard and gumption to make it happen!  They started offering healthy, convenient and well balanced meals for purchase online or locally with pick ups at Square One Kitchens.  They were SO busy!  There were days where I left work and returned the next morning to find them still there.  Talk about dedicated!  By utilizing the kitchen at Square One they were able to gauge how receptive the area was to their business model and get a feel for what it would take to produce their products on a larger scale as well as what requirements they would need for their own space as they expanded their operations.

These two were not only onto something big but had the mustard and gumption to make it happen

As demand for their product quickly grew they knew they were ready to move into their own space custom fit for their meal production needs.  After a couple months of dedicated hard work they opened up their own location in West Fargo.  Now you can find Power Plate Meals throughout North Dakota, Minnesota and South Dakota.  It was a pleasure getting to know the Power Plate Meals crew and we wish them nothing but the best!

Jen’s Bakery

I met Jen when Square One first started.  Like myself she had been utilizing a commercial kitchen in their off hours to start up her then primarily bread based baking business.  The Italian Herb Cheese Bread may be what started it all but Jen’s has grown so much since then, offering a whole range of various baked goods and pastries.

Jen made the switch to Square One so that she could operate at more convenient hours based off her own schedule and have room for growth.  Over the years it has been a pleasure seeing Jen’s business grow, getting to know Jen and getting to know her family as well.  You can see how proud her family is and how supportive they have been as she has grown this baking business from the ground up.

As her jumbo cookies started filling up local coffee shops, Pride of Dakota Shows were booming and the demand for her various products increased it was time for Jen’s Bakery to take off!  With the help of her friend Travis and his management experience in the restaurant industry they were able to make the move into their own retail space located at 5050 Timber Parkway South in Fargo.  The name switched from Jen’s Breads to Jen’s Bakery as the products offered have expanded and I look forward to seeing where this business will grow from here!  Square One enjoyed being a part of Jen’s transition to their own retail location and seeing another success story hit the FM Area!

It was time for Jen’s Bakery to take off!


Juice Box Fargo

Wellness is a journey.  We all have heard that many times before.  Renae Mitchell, creator and owner of Juice Box Fargo started her business to not only provide our community with delicious, balanced and all around beautiful raw, cold pressed juices, but to be a resource for her customers.  Her bright energy, sense of humor and dedication to health, all come shining through when you start a conversation with her.

With a passion for wellness, Renae brought a much needed business to our community

In early 2019 Renae was putting the finishing touches on her juice trailer and meeting with us here at Square One to get her licensed and up and running.  She started juicing out of Square One that summer and debuted her trailer at the Red River Market every Saturday that season.  Bringing a full line of ever expanding flavors and healthful combinations of fresh pressed fruits and vegetables to help us all easily get our fresh fruits and veggies in on a daily basis.

As Juice Box Fargo grew we saw Renae setting up a regular schedule at Square One and finding her flow.  The smell was always welcomed – fresh fruits, veggies and herbs making the kitchen smell amazing and customers picking up their cleanse packages and orders twice a week with a pop up here and there.  Business was booming.  Come summer of 2021 Renae had been operating Juice Box full time and for just over 2 years and was ready for the next step.  She began laying out plans for her own location.  By fall of 2021 she was up and running her own juice bar and smoothie shop in West Fargo. You can find Renae, her kids and the juiceristas at shop at 3993 4th Street East in West Fargo.  For more information on their amazing products, their story and their hours, check out their website at  We are so grateful to have been a part of her journey and look forward to seeing all the wonderful things yet to come.

Paisley & Dash

Creating the perfect gift that not only brings joy to the recipient’s face and their tastebuds, but also can be shipped across the nation is no easy task.  Sara Lein, founder of Paisley & Dash, has put together a beautifully packaged and tasty gift that is great for any event, corporate gifting and more.  Sara began using Square One in the spring of 2019 as she launched her e-commerce business shipping cupcake jars throughout the area and beyond.

A gift that brings joy to your face and your tastebuds

Through her previous work experience, word of her products spread quickly and before you knew it, she was baking, mixing and piping her famous buttercream into cupcake jars on a regular basis at the kitchen here.  She got her methods, procedures and efficiency down and found herself ready to take the leap and open her own kitchen.  In late spring of 2022 she opened her own shop at 3319 Oak Ridge Pond Way East in West Fargo.  Beautifully decorated and laid out to fit all her business needs from baking, assembling and shipping.  Sara took her concept and polished it with top notch presentation, packaging and personal touches to make a product unlike any other in our area.  It’s fun to see a product from Fargo find its way throughout the nation thanks to Sara and Paisley & Dash!

Big Deck BBQ

From peanut butter barbeque sauce to dill infused mustard, Big Deck BBQ has something for everyone.  What started as a means to become his own boss has led Zach Willis from the NDSU football field to building his sauce empire.   Big Deck BBQ was born from a love of gathering with friends and family around good food.  Zach and his dad started up at Square One fulfilling online orders and Zach grew the business from there to include products on shelves in stores throughout the area and beyond.

Bigger following = more sauce!

With a degree in marketing, Zach was able to spread the word quickly about their culinary creations and before he knew it, they were in full on production mode in order to fulfill orders.  The word spread so quickly, they recruited additional family and friends to keep up with demand.  It was long hours, lots of music, singing and bottling that kept the machine humming and product flowing out the door.  In just a few short years, Big Deck was ready to move into their own production space and opened in the summer of 2023 at 1700 32nd Ave. S., in Fargo.  You can place orders online at or find their products on grocery store shelves, in Scheels and various other locations throughout the Fargo Moorhead area.

Milk Made

In 2017 Megan Lewis introduced the Fargo Moorhead area to her beautiful, artistic charcuterie platters as well as her brilliant entrepreneurial spirit.  When I met with Megan and she showed me her concept for Milk Made I knew that she was bringing a very special product to our area’s food scene.  She not only has curated specialty meat & cheese, crudités and bread platters, but also a great team of individuals along with an iconic brand.

Add impressive cheesemonger credentials and you have a recipe for success.

In 2023 Milk Made made the leap from square One to their own production and retails spce just off 25th Street South in Fargo.  It has been an absolute pleasure watching Milk Made gro from the prep spaces at Square One and we are so very excited to see what more Megan has in store for our community from astounding grazing tables to innovative classes and beyond.

You can find more about Milk Made, their location and class offerings at